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Baking Artisan Pastries and Breads is your key to sweet and savory baking for breakfast, brunch, and beyond. Full-color photos and step-by-step instructions inspire and guide you through over 30 glorious recipes, from quick Mixed-Berry Muffins to decadent Chocolate Croissants.

Professional-quality baking formulas are calibrated for novice and experienced bakers alike. A 40-minute bonus DVD gives an additional level of instruction for mixing, shaping, and other recipe techniques.

Each copy ordered through this site is autographed.

m ixed berry muffin
apple kuchen
lemon brioche

Baking Artisan Bread is the complete enthusiast’s guide to handmade bread offered in an easy formulaic approach.
With step-by-step color photos and clear directions, chef Ciril Hitz shows how, with just 10 formulas, you can create more than 30 different breads.

Whether you measure ingredients by weight, volume, or baker’s percentages, this book covers all the basics necessary to build your bread repertoire. An instructional DVD is included in the book.

Each copy ordered through this site is autographed.

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Antique reproduction of wooden molds used for decorative dead dough ornaments.
Varied sizes (approx. 2"- 4")


Snowflake (A, B, or C), Bee, Wheat, Face, Grapes - $20 each

Leaf, Aztec design -
$23 each

Snowman, Sun -
$25 each

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Scales cannot be shipped outside the U.S.


World Baking Cup - the Best Bread in the World (DVD)

Every three years the best bakers from around the world meet in Paris, France for the ultimate baking battle - Le Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie. Twelve teams of devoted men and women will race the clock and each other, testing their skills, creativity, and endurance in this Olympics of baking.

Working from secret recipes, the teams prepare scores of traditional baguette and wonderfully shaped specialty breads, containing everything from fruit to nuts.

Each team must also create an elaborate showpiece, reflecting their country's national identity and made entirely of edible ingredients. Originality, technique, and attention to detail are the name of the game; the prestigious prize - the glittering World Baking Cup trophy.

The World Baking Cup is produced and directed by Nick Versteeg of DV Cuisine in Vancouver, Canada and written by Michelle Bjornson and Dale Drewery.
(47 minutes)

Price: $20.00

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